You are a craft beer lover ? Cid is the cider brand inspired by the craftbeer industry, with a friendly, spontaneous and passionate craft packaging.

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Série Exploration

Are you specialty beer lovers? Serie Exploration is our specialty cider brand of brewing inspiration. These personalized bottles mark a story that can be discovered through the verses. Good exploration!

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You are a wine and specialties lover ? Milton is our brand of cider directly inspired by the winery sector. Learn more about our still ciders, sparkling ciders and our ice ciders.

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You are a non-alcoholic drinks lover ? We have something for you, 100% made in Quebec ! Coccinelle (Ladybug) is our brand of sparkling apple juice.

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Milton Star

You are a coolers and cocktails lover ? We have a healthy option for you, 100% made in Quebec ! Milton Star is our cider brand with a pop inspiration, a refreshing, reachable and fashionable packaging.

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